About the Conference

A one-day conference on the work of Greek composer, Jani Christou, taking place at Goldsmiths, University of London on 16/11/2013. The conference will include paper presentations, a workshop on Christou’s last work, Epicycle, a screening of Costis Zouliatis’ film, Anaparastasis: Life and Work of Jani Christou, and a performance of three of Christou’s last works by the Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble.

Jani Christou is a major Greek composer whose untimely death in 1970 at the age of 44 brought to an end an unusual career in which, in its final stage, avant-garde musical and theatrical materials and means were, in quite remarkable ways, brought into conjunction with Christou’s deep immersion in philosophical and psychological studies. Interest in his challenging and speculative, but always vividly and thoroughly imagined, output has recently increased, particularly among a young generation of musicians and scholars. Yet Christou’s work remains imperfectly, and only very patchily, known and understood, especially outside Greek-speaking communities.

Our conference seeks to improve British, and indeed international, understanding of this composer’s compositions and the thinking that lay behind them. It includes a showing of Costis Zouliatis’s important new film on the composer, accompanied by an introduction to it by its director; this will replace the usual keynote address in an imaginative and scholarly fashion, offering the coup of presenting this film’s British premiere.

In addition, a workshop based around Christou’s scores will give an opportunity for performers and scholars to explore new forms of interaction between creative practice and musicological scholarship. The event will culminate in an evening concert, led (as is the workshop) by the experienced Christou performer and scholar, Andriana Minou, and presented by the Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble, an international team of expert players, singers, actors and film-makers.

Conference Programme

Maria Yerosimou, Conference Organiser
Andriana Minou, Workshop and Concert Director
Keith Potter, Advisor